The revolutionary MottoYou World Project is coming soon!

Here We Go!

MottoYou Production launches an international project for gifted and creative performers to celebrate and express the customs and traditional values of their home countries from all over the world.

Original Concepts

Traditional & Modern Values

Dance Shows

Visual Stories

It’s essentially the simple expression of art combined with the traditions and culture of your country all in a new international band, MottoYou World

World traditions and stories will live

because we come along

and add new glories to them through artistic performance.

This new TV show

will keep you engaged and entertained, showing a new band that brings together artists, stories and traditions from all over the world.

It lays out a new adventure

full of excitement, rewards and joy as well as grit, passion and devotion. Each show will allow you to get to know the artists, their countries, and what inspires them to keep creating.

A new concept

that hopes to inspire new generations by building a bridge over time. A new world that connects legends and reality, myth and history, past, present and future.

Are you an artist, passionate about tradition and open to innovation?

Let’s write together a new story and spread it around the world!

Join MY World

if you are:

Traditional Dancer

Ballet Dancer

Contemporary Dancer

Modern Dancer

Aerial Dancer

Acrobatic Dancer

Street Dancer

Rhythmic Gymnast

Artistic Gymnast

Aerobic Gymnast




Make Up Artist

Fashion Designer


. . . or many, many others.
This project is for anyone who has a passion that can help in writing this story!

Be part of the MY World team

and get started on this new journey!

Change your life today!